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Southern Maine Orthodontics is the best place ever. My teeth got fixed straight in exactly a year, got them on my birthday then off my birthday they are super straight and I smile all the time. The workers are all super friendly.

I can't recommend this practice enough, as it is the gold standard in the Portland area for orthodontic treatment. This practice uses all the latest advances in equipment and technique, which I appreciate as an adult patient in braces for the second time, 40-plus years after the first treatment. This time around the treatment process is much more enjoyable and comfortable! Dr. Howard has been an inspiring and highly skilled orthodontist with long-term experience. I will miss her, her humor, and our enjoyable conversations over my past year of treatment. She too is in braces now, so it's nice to have that empathy! I interviewed four orthodontists including Dr. Howard before I made my choice, and she was the last of the four I consulted. I chose her because in addition to her kindness, patience and understanding, she was the only one of the four who recommended a periodontal consult before treatment, as I had significant bone loss and moderate gum disease and she wanted to make sure we could accomplish the goals I had. After consultation and treatment from a periodontist, and much long-overdue general dental work, I was ready for orthodontics. Dr. Howard even recommended the periodontist who first treated me (now retired) and the general dentist I still use today. She is leaving the practice with a highly qualified successor, Dr. Christopher Murphy. Although I haven't yet consulted frequently with Dr. Murphy, each time he has done an adjustment, his extensive skill, knowledge and experience are apparent. This is impressive because he is a young doctor and from what I have observed, relates well to patients of all ages. He is an approachable, friendly person with a good sense of humor and quick to address any concerns I have. All the staff are equally congenial and helpful. Although I am one of the "senior" patients in the waiting room, I do feel like all patients at the practice are treated as if they are new to the process, and are being welcomed like family members.

the best orthodontist i have ever had in my life! Thank you Dr.Murphy and the team!

Both Dr. Howard and Dr. Murphy, as well as the staff at the office, have been welcoming and calming. My 8 year old son has been happy about going to the orthodontist, which is not how I remember feeling about going when I was a kid.